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Our Shipping method explained: Traditional Shipping vs. Our Shipping

Traditional Shipping

The most widely used shipping process for an online store is as follows. The store manages its warehouse, orders products from manufacturers it works with. The store then distributes these products in the city’s warehouse. Then these goods are delivered to the customer from the local warehouse.

Pros of Traditional shipping method:

  • Faster local delivery

Cons of Traditional shipping method:

  • Increase in fixed costs
  • Multiple transhipments, hence more chance of damages. More fuel usage
  • Double import duties
  • Much higher International shipping costs
  • Stocking & Warehouse Costs
  • Costs passed to the customers

Our Shipping method:

Our shipping method is unique in its way. The shipping process is handed over to our manufacturer or supplier, i.e., the logistics operator. Our products are shipped from the warehouse to the customer. For a better understanding, look at the below image:


  • Faster International Shipping
  • Less transshipment, fewer chances of damage, lesser fuel costs, environment-friendly.
  • Lower costs = Lower consumer price. We pass the benefit to you.
  • 99% of times products are in stock


  • Slower local delivery
  • Shipping times vary due in different countries due to customs & local post offices.

We aim at providing the best solution for worldwide shipping; we chose our unique shipping method for our store. We thank you for your understanding.
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