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7 Awesome Home Office Organization Ideas

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Imagine intending to work while sitting in front of a massive stack of papers, a messed-up pile of books or jumbled-up cables. Wouldn’t you feel stressed out in this situation? Obviously, yes. This is indeed very true that cluttered workplace leads to cluttered minds, which in turn causes decreased productivity. However, a tidy and well-organized workstation will not only make you feel less stressed but also you will act more productively. So, without wasting more time, let’s get started. Here are some of the best Office Organization Ideas that are going to help you in the long run.

1. Desk organizers

Invest in some effective desk organizers for your office and home study table. These desk organizers help you keep your stationery essentials, important documents and other office supplies in place and clutter-free. Thus, you can find anything you are looking for within seconds. Also, your desk remains neat and organized giving you immense peace of mind while working.

office organization ideas

You can make desk organizers at home, too. For instance, you can decorate a mason jar or a spare coffee mug to and use it as a pen/pencil organizer.

2. Declutter your desk regularly

Yeah, that’s right, declutter your desk and workspace regularly. Keep a dustbin under your work table and keep throwing the trash there. So that nothing gets piled up on your desk leading to turn your table into a trash can.

3. Never ignore the drawers

Most people keep their work table neat and organized and put everything they don’t need for the moment in the drawers. However, when it comes to finding something urgent in the drawers, the actual struggle begins. The best way to avoid this situation is to pay equal attention towards organizing the drawers. In this regard, drawer organizers can serve the purpose. There are many ready-to-use drawer organizers, or drawer dividers available in the market, or you can make one at home using an empty shoe box.

4. Make sure the availability of office supplies

“Getting up even just once a day for a pencil or paper clip is shutting your brain off a project you are working on, and you will have to come back and re-center,” mentioned Amy Trager who is a certified professional organizer in Chicago.
Thus, it is quite mandatory to keep all your essential supplies near you, and the ones which are occasionally used can be placed in a drawer or shelf.

5. Use sticky notes for reminders

Sticky notes are excellent for short-term reminders. In this way, you do not get to forget an important meeting or appointment. Paste the sticky notes right in front of you.

6. Deal with cables and cords smartly

Laptop, printer, cell phone, landline, and so on, every gadget has its own set of cords and cables which create a huge mess under your worktable. Clear this mess using cable and cord organizers or clips. Moreover, as suggested by Emily Co, label all your wires using bread tags. Thus, it will be easier for you to distinguish among the cables when it comes to plugging or unplugging them.

You can also use binder clips in order to save cables from detangling.

7. Utilize the wall above the work table

Instead of piling up all files, books and other documents on your table, install shelving on the wall above your desk. This technique not only keeps your table clutter-free but also keeps everything within your access of an arm’s length. It is especially useful when you have a small workspace.

So, these were some of the best office organization ideas. Utilize these tricks and boost your productivity. If you know any other tip to have a well-organized workstation, do share with us in the comment section.



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