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11 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas and Storage Tips

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I hope you are enjoying my posts about home organization and storage solutions. Up till now, I have covered almost everything from bathroom to office organization and from makeup storage to wardrobe organization. But guess what I am still missing? What about the place where we, the ladies, spend most of our time to make your mealtime near to fantastic, the kitchen. Having cookware, kitchen appliances, food and what not, the kitchen is the most onerous place when it comes to organizing. The never-ending supply of food boxes, cans, and other stuff easily create clutter in your kitchen, especially when the kitchen is not so spacious. In order to deal with all the kitchen dilemmas, consider and get inspiration from these Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas: 

1. Utilize the under sink space

The under the sink space is something which we usually ignore but can be utilized smartly for storing kitchen supplies. There are many ways to make use of that space. For instance, you can go for an under the sink drawer or cabinet and keep all utensils or other kitchen essentials there. Alternatively, you can simply hang a curtain under the sink and voila all the clutter is hidden behind it, leaving your kitchen all spick-and-span.

2. Organize the utensils

Always try to keep the kitchen utensils organized and other kitchenware in place. You can use specified organizers for this purpose.

clever kitchen organization ideas

3. Keep all appliances at one place

Select a spot on your kitchen countertop near the electric supply and specify it for all the electrical appliances, such as toaster, microwave oven, beater, juicer, blender, and so on.

4. Invest in a great drawer organizer

Keep your kitchen drawers clutter-free by using drawer organizers. You can keep small utensils or cutlery in drawers.

kitchen storage and organization ideas

5. Label everything 

As recommended by Better Homes & Gardens, label everything in your pantry for your own convenience. Spice bottles, jars, sauces, food canes, label each one of them so that you can find your desired item in a single glance.

kitchen storage ideas

6. Keep the everyday pots handy

It is best to keep the pots that you use every day in a handy drawer instead of piling them up in cabinets that are out of your reach. Similarly, store the lesser used items in far away or higher cabinets.This tip saves time.

7. Choose the color scheme of your kitchen wisely

The color scheme of any room is very significant. The cool colors such as white or grey may open up the space of your kitchen, thus giving it a spacious look. However, the dark colors such as black or royal blue is not recommended for small kitchens.

8. Utilize vertical space

Never leave any corner of your kitchen unused. Utilize all available vertical space. For example, you can mount kitchen hand towels on the door of a cabinet by mounting a kitchen towel holder there.

kitchen storage and organization ideas

9. Never ignore the wall above the sink

The best way to occupy the wall above your kitchen sink is using wall-mounted sink caddies or installing kitchen sponge holder and drainers.

pantry organization kitchen storage solutions

 10. The space above the window is equally important

No matter how large your kitchen is, but when it comes to the storage and kitchen organization every inch matters and so does the space above the kitchen window. You can install shelving above the window which can serve as an excellent display for the kitchenware, indoor plants or even decorative items.

11. Floating shelves

Let me tell you one thing, the man who invented the floating shelves is worthy of all praise. I am so in love with these shelves. They not only save space but also gives a clutter-free look. Mount floating shelves wherever you want in your kitchen.

Implement these clever kitchen organization ideas so that no more cooking in a messed-up kitchen. Do let us know how do you organize your kitchen.

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