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9 Genius Ways To Organize Wardrobe – Closet Organizing Tips

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I hope you must have been enjoying our posts on home organization and storage ideas. So far we have discussed makeup organization and some useful home organizers that everyone must have in their home. Today, I am going to discuss some handy Closet Organizing Tips, which are going to help you to maintain and organize your wardrobe.

A neat and tidy closet is loved by everyone in the home. So, it is easier for you to know where exactly is your favorite pair of jeans. sweatshirt or jogging trousers. Similarly, when you are getting ready for a special occasion, for instance, a job interview or a party, you do not spend hours in finding your desired suit. However, it takes a little effort and smartness to keep your wardrobe well-organized.  So, let us have a look at these closet organizing tips which will not only help you arrange your closet in the best possible way but also allow you to make the most of the available space:

1. Arrange by the grouping of items

The first tip of maintaining a tidy wardrobe is to arrange your clothing according to the type. For example, you can arrange your clothes by garment type. In this way, keep all your cotton shirts at one place, and silky on the other. Similarly, you can assign separate sections for formal and casual clothing. Moreover, keep all your belts in one place and undergarments on the other. Utilize the top shelf of your closet to store out-of-season clothing, or for dresses you occasionally wear.

2. Closet Organizers

Invest in some good closet organizers and storage boxes in order to store and organize your clothing. These organizers make your life easy by keeping everything in its place. If you are using storage bags for this purpose, label each bag so that it is easy for you to identify your clothing instantly. But before purchasing these organizers, make sure that they work best for your closet space, clothing, shoes, and accessories, etc.

3. Scarf and tie organizer 

Do not jumble up your closet with ties and scarves. Instead, take the help of a tie organizer and trust me, you are going to thank me later for this suggestion. These organizers keep your scarves, belts, ties and other stuff in place and make it easy to find whenever you want.


For scarves, you can also tie them on a hanger or a rod.

closet organizing tips


4. Color code your wardrobe

In order to find instantly whatever you are looking for, color code your clothing. It will give a refined finish to your wardrobe. Also, you can easily take out the shirt you want to wear by just looking at the color.


5. Shoe organizer

Shoes create such a mess in your closet. To avoid this situation, try using a shoe organizer and make your life easy.

6. Store duvets smartly

Purchase a good comforter storage bag and store your duvets in it. Moreover, you can also store bed covers inside their respective pillowcases, just like the way suggested by Tip Hero.

7. Drawer dividers 

Use drawer dividers to keep everything organized in your closet drawers. These drawer organizers can be used to store undergarments, scarves and other small items of clothing.

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8. Declutter your closet

After every six months, declutter your wardrobe by donating, selling or recycling your clothes and other belongings you no longer use.

9. Make it fun!

Forget about dull and boring wardrobes. Installing a light bulb inside a closet will make it more attractive. Also, you can hang a wall hanging or a colored wallpaper to further enhance the beauty of your wardrobe.

So these were the 9 genius ways to organize your wardrobe. I hope you are going to like them for sure. Try these organizing tips and feel free to share the article with your friends and family.

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